Our Nation’s Obsession with Facebook- and Why You Need to Capitalize on

Facebook is apart of everyone’s life- that’s a given.  But how much so?  How has it tangled it’s way into the daily life of a American?  The numbers shown on this fantastic infographic below, go into detail on the staggering number of people logging into Facebook everyday and how it has changed news, photos, and communication all together.

With the sheer volume of people connecting online everyday, businesses have already started capitalizing on the connections that can be made through Facebook.  Are you one of the businesses that communicates daily messages to your customers and target audience?  Do you have contests, prizes, discounts and incentives to keep your customers happy?  If not, then you are missing an integral piece of your marketing plan.  If you still doubt the power of social media and what it can do for your business, take a look a the numbers from the infograph, and I am positive you will see why it is a must-have in your personal and business life.

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Via: Online Schools


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