Integration Closes More Sales According To Dr. John

It’s undeniable  Integration will make  your marketing more effective and provide plus leads.

However, Integration can also help you increase appointments and sales!

One industry expert recently showed us how Integration of call data can do just that.  

Dr. Mlinarcik of PCS Global has developed and incredible service and you should take a close look at.

Anytime I can find a low cost way to create more appointments and improve a dealers closing ratio  I’m all ears.

Dr. John’s and PCS Globals Integration strategy centers around the phone call.  Most dealers are recording their call traffic for marketing purposes but very few effectively use the call recordings for additional appointments.

PCS Global has several solution you should look at integrating into your call system.

  • Tele Pulse gives you a snap shot of each call by providing  a written overview of each call.  This saves you valuable time.  You won’t have to allocate the resources to listen to each call and it gets done everyday.  The executive review is easy to read and provides the important elements of each call.
  • Save A Deal does just what it promises… it saves deals.  These are deals that clearly have an issue and need someone stepping in to make sure the customer gets what they need.
  • PCS Globals Training and Coaching process is very effective.  They review your calls and  rate the  handlers on a variety of important subjects.  
This is an effective Integration  process that should take place every day.   I encourage you to take a look at this service.  This is a great example of how Integration can give you a better ROI.  Remember, it’s not always about more traffic.  Integration can be about  taking advantage of the traffic you already have.  Make sure you have your  automotive ad agency checks this out.
If you’d like to know more on how Integration can help you just give me a shout out.  

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