How To Integrate Social Media Into Media Negotiations

August 1, 2011

Traditional negotiations of a television buy consisted of the number of spots you could get for your budget. You’d also look at reach and frequency in an effort to hit some minimum numbers. You’d look at the cost per thousand as you targeted a specific demographic. Finally, if you didn’t like the programming it was usually eliminated.

It’s time to now integrate social media into your television, radio or print negotiations.

Yes, social media is a high priority with most local media properties. The obstacle for most stations is how do they leverage thier media with advertisers most auto client don’t have a vibrant social program?

The answer is they can’t!

This is great news for you!  (You do have a social media program don’t you?)

If not check out Social.Motive.

There are two dynamics working here. The stations are looking for partnerships with dealers who have a social media program  and a media budget.  The stations have two strong motivating factors.

1) To get your ad dollars
2) To show some value in their social networks

For example WFAA here in Dallas Fort Worth has over 23,000 likes on facebook and over 18 twitter accounts.  About 16,000 on one account alone.

Here’s how you do it… ASK!  

Ask how can we tie  your social network into theirs. Can we do some joint social promotions? Can we tie into some events you have scheduled? Can we tie into your local programing? Can we offer your social networks something exclusive?

For no extra cost you’re  potentially connecting into another 40,000 targeted individuals simply by participating in social media.  Just ask!  You have a motivated partner.

Integration of social media into your media negotiations is a must. Leverage, leverage and more leverage!

Integration is the name of the game.

Look to integrate everything you do.  You really can’t afford not to!!!!


30 Top Integration Thoughts For Better Marketing

July 6, 2011

Integration should be on your mind at all times.  

It’s without a doubt the key to marketing today and in the future.  If you’re not integrating you’re falling behind.

I created a list of 30 Integration starter idea’s for you!   Read the entire list and you’ll begin to feel the power that integration can deliver.

Remember it’s just a starter list… ENJOY! 

1) Integrate you call recordings with a service to review and flag missed opportunities


2) Integrate Facebook ads into your fixed operations offers


3)Integrate seasonal or promotional language into your Pay Per Click ads


4) Integrate hotspot technology and your landing page creative for digital


5) Integrate unique URL’s into your landing page program


6) Integrate site reports from Google analytics to lower bid prices


7) Integrate used digital ads with specific make and model on website


8) Integrate your blog with twitter and tweet 6 times per day


9) Integrate facebook and texting and gain valuable opt in cell numbers 


10) Integration of floor traffic and texting


11) Integrate your floor traffic and  texting


12) Integrate expandable banner ads with your live website


13) Integrate your traditional media buys with association ads


14) Integrate more emphasis on website in TV ads


15) Integrate the power of mass media social network with yours


16) Integrate media events in the community with your twitter and facebook


17) Integrate specific URL’s in print with dynamic digital landing pages


18) Integrate your blog content and make a great e-newsletter


19) Integrate your organic search efforts with your blog content and copy


20) Integrate your key search terms in your social content


21) Integrate outside experts to your social sites to add relevancy for search


22) Integrate texting into  your TV campaigns


23) Integrate QR Codes into all print and showroom materials


24) Integrate your blog with website home page


25) Integrate point of sale and  your social networks


26) Integrate be back strategies with texting


27) Integrate a tracking system that tracks traditional, digital and social


28) Integrate lifestyle data into your  media buys


29) Integrate zip code data for better digital results


30) Integration of free posting site with digital


Everyday be looking for ways to integrate and stretch your marketing dollars.  Take a look at what a day of integrated marketing looks like by clicking on this Integrated Marketing link.  


Please share some of your integration idea’s with us.  If your automotive ad agency isn’t integrating quickly share this list with them.




Integration Drives Dealership Traffic

June 17, 2011

What does Integration mean to  you?  

More Traffic

More Traffic, Less Spend

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share

MORe Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share, and a

HUGE Competitive Advantage!

The results are in.  Integration of traditional, digital and social media is the perfect storm. Yes, the market will always be fluid but when you harness the power of integration you really have something.

Integration requires you to look at things differently.  You must stop evaluating traditional, digital and social media as independent silo’s.  They can no longer be single tools.  They must interact!  They must be connected.  

The power of integration is simple. You stay connected with your prospect and customer through the buying cycle.  Your marketing is more viral, more interactive, more responsive and more effective.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes integration.

Integrated marketing communications – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a …..
You Get The Picture!
Here’s your starter rules to get started.
  1. Stop treating each media channel as a stand alone tool.  
  2. Ask your self how can I integrate this.
  3. Live by the motto… I Integrate Everything!
Believe me there’s a way to integrate everything.  All  you have to do is ask the question!
Ask your automotive ad agency or search google for more help.  But what ever you do start integrating today!


Marketing Guru’s… I Bet You’re Not Here Yet!

November 12, 2010

Integrated marketing is here!  And it’s more powerful than you can imagine.

Talk about a competitive advantage!

If  you want to know what it looks and feels like watch this video from Social.Motive.

Traditional Advertising + Digital Advertising + Social Media

Hold ON!

If you’d like  more thoughts on how to make integrated marketing work just drop me a note.  It will be interesting to see how many Automotive Ad Agencies can connect with this new world.


What You Should Know About Selling Cars Online Today.

August 23, 2010


It’s always great to get a independent thought about the automotive industry.  Chris Brogan has done this just for  you.  He has just completed buying a car on line.  His experience is valuable intel for anyone in the automotive marketing business.

Here’s his to do list for  you: My thoughts are in (italic).

  • Make your sites more mobile-friendly. Flash doesn’t cut it in the smartphone era.
  • (You need to think like the end user.  Where are they obtaining information and how do I make it easy for them?)
  • Add listening tools to your marketing efforts.
  • (Listening posts are critical. Step one is to make sure you are on top of comments and posts. Think in minutes not hours!)
  • Have a social presence, so you can respond and invite in potential buyers.
  • (You really need a comprehensive plan here. Watch out for internal pit falls.)   
  • Work with the manufacturers’ social media people, like Christopher Barger at GM and Scott Monty at Ford (and your manufacturers of choice).
  • (This is great advice.  If nothing else start reading them daily.)
  • Look for alternatives to the current business models, as sales won’t rush up on gimmicks and discounts alone.
  • (Retail offers don’t sit well in the social world. Fixed op offers are great. Be creative don’t rely on your old retail habits.)
  • Consider the after-sale. I just bought a Camaro SS. Do you doubt that I’m prime for aftermarket and/or related offers? Heck, I couldn’t even find my tripometer reset until this afternoon. I’d be a perfect candidate to build a deeper relationship with, and you’d have a sales funnel extension.
  • (This is where a monthly newsletter come in play.  It’s easy and you have the content if your blogging. Build the relationship!)
  • Equip your buyers with social extenders. People don’t buy cars fast enough for you to build a single relationship. Seek the referral, and the share. Not one local dealership had a Facebook Like button next to each make/model.
  • (This is relationship selling on a scalable platform. Insert social marketing into as many traditional or digital marketing efforts as possible.)

  • United Credit Education Services A Unique Dealership Traffic Tool

    April 9, 2010

    As in anytime in history difficult times bring new innovative ideas.

    One such idea was created by Paul Sansone Jr. Paul.  Paul is a very good operator and innovator. He like many dealers relied on the credit market for a great many of his customers.

    When the credit market tightened he needed a fresh solution. One that helped his customer, his dealership and his bottom line.

    If you want an edge in your market and a proven product read on!

    Let me introduce to you FES/PMB Marketing. PMB Marketing is the brainchild of a dealer  who understands retail and his customers.

    PMB Marketing, married two industries: Auto Dealerships and United Credit Education Services.

    • The bottom line is auto dealerships are facing more and more marginal credit customers, who want to buy a car, but can’t because of their low credit score.
    • United Credit Education Services is a company looking for marginal credit customers, who need help correcting, restoring and improving their credit (score).

    The number of marginal credit customers who come in today has grown and due to the current lending practices, the delivery percentages of these customers are down significantly.

    In some cases as much as 75%.

    That means the dealership makes no money for their time spent, customers are walking out the door with little hope, and the dealership never sees the customer again.

    FES/PMB Marketing will help your customers improve their credit, allowing them to come back to you to purchase their next car as well as enjoy all of the benefits of an improved credit rating.
    All of this is done with very little effort on the dealership’s part.

    United Credit Education Services is a very reputable credit company. I have checked them out but feel free to see for yourself.  Their track record is tremendous.  It takes very little effort on your part or the customers.

    Paul, is loading his pipeline with customers. To find out more about this product feel free to call Paul Sansone Jr. at 732-922-1050.  He has a lot of great examples how he is marketing this product.

    Have your automotive ad agency check it out at least.  It has the potential to add 30 or more deals a month!  Plus, make for some very happy customers in the market place saying GREAT things about you!


    Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Promotions

    March 11, 2010

    Great Job SoCal Ford!  Another great social promotion from Ford!

    Social promotions are all over the internet.  Here is one of my favorite in a series on SoCal Ford.  This  promotion is part of a on going social promotion designed to engage the public  with a series of promotions.  Everyone who enters is eligible to win a new Ford Fiesta.   The winners of each contest win a $100 gift card.

    Below is a sample of the post that are being done on facebook.  Throughout this promotion they have done a great job of creating the urgency to get your entry in and win.  Be sure you or your automotive ad agency builds the urgency.

    Here is just one example of a logo entered by one of SoCals fans.

    Ken Grady Ford was not really eligible but I really liked how they got in the game and got some eyeballs on their dealership.

    Smart!  Very Smart!

    Be creative when it come to events and contests.  Let me know what you think of this event.  Share your best with me and I’ll include it in one of my blogs.