30 Top Integration Thoughts For Better Marketing

July 6, 2011

Integration should be on your mind at all times.  

It’s without a doubt the key to marketing today and in the future.  If you’re not integrating you’re falling behind.

I created a list of 30 Integration starter idea’s for you!   Read the entire list and you’ll begin to feel the power that integration can deliver.

Remember it’s just a starter list… ENJOY! 

1) Integrate you call recordings with a service to review and flag missed opportunities


2) Integrate Facebook ads into your fixed operations offers


3)Integrate seasonal or promotional language into your Pay Per Click ads


4) Integrate hotspot technology and your landing page creative for digital


5) Integrate unique URL’s into your landing page program


6) Integrate site reports from Google analytics to lower bid prices


7) Integrate used digital ads with specific make and model on website


8) Integrate your blog with twitter and tweet 6 times per day


9) Integrate facebook and texting and gain valuable opt in cell numbers 


10) Integration of floor traffic and texting


11) Integrate your floor traffic and  texting


12) Integrate expandable banner ads with your live website


13) Integrate your traditional media buys with association ads


14) Integrate more emphasis on website in TV ads


15) Integrate the power of mass media social network with yours


16) Integrate media events in the community with your twitter and facebook


17) Integrate specific URL’s in print with dynamic digital landing pages


18) Integrate your blog content and make a great e-newsletter


19) Integrate your organic search efforts with your blog content and copy


20) Integrate your key search terms in your social content


21) Integrate outside experts to your social sites to add relevancy for search


22) Integrate texting into  your TV campaigns


23) Integrate QR Codes into all print and showroom materials


24) Integrate your blog with website home page


25) Integrate point of sale and  your social networks


26) Integrate be back strategies with texting


27) Integrate a tracking system that tracks traditional, digital and social


28) Integrate lifestyle data into your  media buys


29) Integrate zip code data for better digital results


30) Integration of free posting site with digital


Everyday be looking for ways to integrate and stretch your marketing dollars.  Take a look at what a day of integrated marketing looks like by clicking on this Integrated Marketing link.  


Please share some of your integration idea’s with us.  If your automotive ad agency isn’t integrating quickly share this list with them.




Pay Performance Model Drives Dealership Traffic

January 14, 2010

Pay-For-Performance Models – There like one big Payday.

Does It Works for Dealerships?

 I found a model that does.  The time is right for you or your automotive advertising agency to take a look at this type of promotion.  

Dealerships are used to paying for internet clicks and impressions, as well as paying for leads.  But what about Pay-For-Performance based on actual sales?

Today with technology and new models available, Pay-For-Performance programs are becoming reliable and efficient in delivering sales.  In short, they aren’t just driving dealership traffic but real results and you pay only when you sell a car.

What criteria make for a good Pay-For-Performance program?  Here are a few items:

1)     Analytics – Good Pay-For-Performance programs have solid analytics based on lifestyles and buying characteristics in YOUR market not on national averages.  This allows the program to identify and target customers similar in lifestyle to the dealership’s own customers when creating a marketing list.   

2)     Marketing Lists – Know the make-up of the marketing list.  The marketing list will almost always be created from the dealership’s own data base and prospects in the market. Ask how the lists was created, especially how the prospects were identified.  Key items:  Lifestyles and characteristics of the prospects and are they in the ‘buying cycle’.

3)     Marketing Lists [new campaigns] – If you are planning to run more than one campaign, make sure the marketing company changes the marketing list for each campaign!  Your marketing lists should always change based on ‘buyers in the market’ cycle.  Every good automotive ad agency knows buyers come in and out of the market.

4)     Exclusion Lists – Every Pay-For-Performance program should have an exclusion list.  This is a list the Dealer provides and eliminates the low hanging fruit.  Customers placed on the exclusion list are exempt, meaning dealership does not pay for these customers even if they buy. 

5)     Time Period – A Pay-For-Program should have a definite start and end date.  And you should not be required to pay for units sold after the program has ended.

6)     Reconciliation – The reconciliation should be understood 100% before getting started.  The best method: the Pay-For-Performance program furnishes a marketing list and the Dealerships provide a list of buyers that have bought within the time period.  The dealer pays only for matches excluding buyers that were on the exclusion list.  

7)     Budget Costs – Many Pay-For-Programs allow Dealership to budget the number cars sold under the program.  In other words, if you had a budget of 60 cars and you sold 72 under the program, you would only pay for the 60. This would lower the cost per car.  

8)     Staff Event or not – Pay-For-Performance campaigns should only use dealership’s employees.  Many Pay-For-Performance programs of the past were staffed events and did not use dealership sales people.  This often proved disastrous and left the dealerships with a bad reputation in the community.

Guaranteed results!  I suggest you take a look at these programs just be sure to follow the points above.  If you need any clarification email me or call.  Let me know if you’ve tried any other Pay For Performance models.


Dealership Traffic: Social Media Is A Blue Ocean

December 4, 2009

If you’re  like me you’re always seeking out great ideas you think can drive dealership traffic.  There are so many ideas that sound bullet proof.  A sure fire silver bullet.  But as the investigation moves forward the warts begin to show.  The obstacles can be price, time, energy, resources or  it just turns out to be a bad idea.

 The best ideas; however, are the ones that give you a competitive advantage.  An advantage that is difficult for your competition’s automotive ad agency to duplicate.

When I find one of these I call it a Blue Ocean idea.  A Blue Ocean idea represents an idea where the seas are clear and uncluttered.  Unlike a RED OCEAN that is just a blood bath of competition.  

Social Media may be the biggest Blue Ocean Strategy you’ll see come along for a long time.  Why?

It’s really simple.  

  • Automotive Dealerships don’t have the resources to execute social media correctly
  • Automotive Ad Agencies don’t have the expertise to execute social media properly
  • Very few Automotive Ad Agencies or Dealers have the vision for social media

The graph below is a great visual of the Blue Ocean you can create with Social Media.  The higher the number the higher degree of  competence.

You have to get into this game and get into it the right way.  The great news is you don’t have to have the vision, expertise or the resources.  You just need to find someone that does.  Unfortunately, virtually every dealer attempting to execute  social media today is missing the boat.  Their  vision is a little short sited.

Social Media should be keeping you up at night with excitement.  The tools available to fully integrate a plan are at your finger tips.  The key is you must be willing to learn or find someone who will learn for you.  Just don’t wait for it to become a Red Ocean before you set your sails.


Can You Learn To Drive More Dealership Traffic?

November 25, 2009

In order to succeed in automotive advertising we have to recognize that we all have to change to succeed.  In this world of communication on steroids we have to embrace it and engage it.  We all have to learn and study everyday.  

There’s a saying that hits this nail on the head.  Learners will be uniquely qualified for success and those that have not learned will fail faster than they have ever have before.

The question is are you going to be a constant learner or not?  It’s only your future!

I have great respect for Tim Williams.  He is the author of the book Take a Stand for Your Brand, an important read for every small-to mid-size agency CEO.  In a recent Advertising Age article he writes,

“… we’re at the nexus of the Great Recession and the Great Transformation of Marketing.  In circumstances like these, a strategy of “just try harder” won’t take you very far.”

Here are 10 ideas I have paraphrased from Tim’s article and applied to driving dealership traffic.

1) You can no longer just observe the changes occurring in automotive marketing, you have to engage.  If you wait you’ll  just fall behind the leaders even further.

2) A digital plan is just that..what you really need is digital competency, if you want to be the leader in driving dealership traffic.

3)  You can no longer have the  focus of your message be  “one to many” you have to make it “one to one.”

4)  Don’t sacrifice  brand-to-consumer communications at the expense of consumer-to-consumer communications.

5)  There are too many ways to track success today.   You can track everything so don’t be caught with a lack of analytics and tools to measure your effectiveness.

6) Everything you do should be connected to other forms of advertising.  Don’t ever let one piece  stand alone.

7) Think in terms of channel plans instead of just media plans.  This is a must to stretch smaller budgets into automotive dealership traffic.

8)  Change your perspective today from just placing media to creating media.

9)  Don’t hold your hopes out for one big idea but think in terms of “big multi-channel ideas.”

10)  You have to allocate  more money to creative and creative media and not just media.

Extra Credit:  Beginning 2010 you must have a plan that includes social media as a primary component to generate more dealership traffic. 


Dealership Traffic Increases With Lifestyle Media

November 17, 2009

Automotive dealerships are finally recognizing that buying media, using the old standard of demographic modeling, is flushing money down the toilet.

Lifestyle media has shown to be 30% more effective than demographic media buying.

Why are dealers only now recognizing the value?  Thats easy, it’s the economy stupid!

When business is good everyone thinks they’re a marketing guru. Right? The economy pulls our pants down and makes an ass out of our marketing expertise.

Lifestyle Media buying is very new.  I have been using it now for just two years.  It isn’t an easy sell to dealers in a good market, but the results speak for itself.

Here is how it works:

  • Your customer base is run through a lifestyle data base that matches each household up with one of 62 lifestyles represented in the United States.
  • From this list we find clones of these customers in your market area.  The result is that you discover a given number of lifestyles represent the majority of your business.  For example, you may find that 18 lifestyles represents 80% of your business.  All of the households in your market area that fall into one of these 18 lifestyles is identified.  Next, the media habits of these households is analyzed using all available resources including diaries, surveys and media research from data companies to name just a few.
  • The end result is a report that shows the media habits by media, daypart, drive time, network, station etc. for your best prospects that look just like the people who have bought from you in the past.  Lets face it, lifestyle of a Honda owner is generally different than that of a Ford owner.  Yes, there is some cross over but there is some difference.

If you’re buying off demographics you’re talking to every possible car buyer in America.  In today’s market you can’t afford to follow the old school buying patterns.  With less money available wouldn’t you like it to work 30% harder! Take the step you’ll be glad  you did.


Car Dealerships Drive Dealership Traffic With Lifestyle Marketing

November 8, 2009

Birds of a feather flock together for many reasons.  People buy Hondas for many reasons.  The main  overwhelming reason is they have the same lifestyle.  Lifestyle marketing is the most under used tool dealerships have available to them.  Why do you ask?  

It’s simple, no one has taken the time to explain to you how today’s technology, the access to data and  reduction of costs can provide you the opportunity to implement these tools. 

Back in the good ole days you had only 6 broadcast television stations you could saturate the market with.  You had to buy enough spots that  would hit your prospects cost effectively.

Today we are attempting the same saturation but with hundreds of more choices.  Yet the media continues to present media analysis from the same boring  demographic position .  You know what I mean, one size fits all.  Your demographic of women 25-54 will match about every product being sold today.  The next variable put into media selection always lands on opinion or in some cases experience.

 This is usually a disaster waiting to happen and I know you have fallen into this trap!

Why has the media not taken lifestyle marketing to heart?  

Well the short answer is they haven’t had to.  You haven’t required them to act any different. The one size fits all demographic presentation works for any type of business so it doesn’t require any one to one data.

Lifestyle marketing begins and ends with the people who have bought from you.  They are giving you some incredible data to work with.   You have in your data base the perfect picture of the people most likely to do business with you.  

Their profile can be matched household by household to provide you with an audience of  clones.  If you want to drive more dealership traffic then simply invite people more likely to do business with you.

The ROI for demographic buying is just not there.

 Given a choice to drive more dealership traffic without spending more money is a no brainer.  Lifestyle media buying can be implemented quickly.  Why wait?  Your burning dollars if  you don’t!


Wheels Off: The Pursuit of Excellence

October 10, 2009

The Pursuit of Excellence by my friend Dwight Edwards is right on.  I think it really relates to social media today. While having a Facebook page is good, it is no where near where you could be!                                                        

“Good enough is not good enough if it can be better. And better is not good enough if it can be best.”  Ozzie Smith

 Excellence.  It comes from a Latin word which means “to rise or tower out from”.  Simply put, it is to go noticeably beyond the accepted norm.

  • It is one thing to work.  It is a very different thing to be sweat soaked and bone weary from the day’s labor.
  • It is one thing to exercise.  It is a very different thing to be gasping for air with one’s leg muscles burning from all out exertion.
  • It is one thing to study.  It is a very different thing to be eye wearied and mentally exhausted from reading, memorizing and working problems.  On and on it goes.

Simply because some effort is expended does not guarantee that enough effort has been spent to truly qualify for the term “excellent”.  Working hard enough to get by, working hard enough to get ahead, and working hard enough to mightily exploit one’s full potential are all dramatically different things. 

When Ozzie Smith was being inducted into the Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame; one of the things he talked about in his acceptance speech was what kind of effort and performance was “good enough”.  He shared a slogan that he had gone back to time and again throughout his baseball career.

“Good enough is not good enough if it can be better. And better is not good enough if it can be best.”

Hard to beat that as a great description of excellence. Or the pathway to becoming the best we can be.

Flashpoint: Good enough is not good enough if it could be better.

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