Make Your Phones Drive Dealership Traffic

February 11, 2010

Put Some People Behind Your Phones!

I spend a lot of time at up-your-ups sharing ideas and thoughts on driving dealership traffic.  

An idea about phone calls came across my desk several months ago and now I think it’s time to share it with you. 

Marketing and advertising are designed to drive dealership traffic.  But the end goal is not traffic for traffic sake but traffic that makes the cash register ring. 

If you want your calls to drive more traffic and profit here is something you should look into.

It’s a new tool called Tele Pulse.  It’s the brain child of Dr. John from PCS Global.

In these economic times every dealership has less resources.  Tele Pulse listens to the recording of calls overnight and sends a comprehensive report to you in the morning.

The key to these reports are they simply state  the facts of the call.  They’re not designed to evaluate  the call  handler.  A brief description is given of each call.  Based on this description the calls are grouped and identified into four area’s by Tele Pulse:

1) No Action Needed

2) Needs Follow Up                                                

3) Elevated To Manager Action

4) Save A Deal

The call report as loaded with other useful information including who handled the call, what department etc.   This is a 1o minute read for the General Manager.  It truly gives you the pulse of the days activity.

I know a few dealerships on this new program and they’ve really liked it.  Have your automotive ad agency check it out it’s not expensive and it really delivers results.

If you’d like your marketing and advertising dollars to pay off with adding dollars to your budgets try Tele Pulse.  If your concerned with CSI this is a good place to start as well.

Let me know if you have tried this program or something like it?