Integration Drives Dealership Traffic

June 17, 2011

What does Integration mean to  you?  

More Traffic

More Traffic, Less Spend

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share

MORe Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share, and a

HUGE Competitive Advantage!

The results are in.  Integration of traditional, digital and social media is the perfect storm. Yes, the market will always be fluid but when you harness the power of integration you really have something.

Integration requires you to look at things differently.  You must stop evaluating traditional, digital and social media as independent silo’s.  They can no longer be single tools.  They must interact!  They must be connected.  

The power of integration is simple. You stay connected with your prospect and customer through the buying cycle.  Your marketing is more viral, more interactive, more responsive and more effective.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes integration.

Integrated marketing communications – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a …..
You Get The Picture!
Here’s your starter rules to get started.
  1. Stop treating each media channel as a stand alone tool.  
  2. Ask your self how can I integrate this.
  3. Live by the motto… I Integrate Everything!
Believe me there’s a way to integrate everything.  All  you have to do is ask the question!
Ask your automotive ad agency or search google for more help.  But what ever you do start integrating today!



How To Enlist Your Automotive Ad Agency and Internet Staff To Become Scouts

April 28, 2010

Scouts needed!   Not the traditonal scout on horse back leading the way through rugged country.   No, you need scouts to venture through the ever changing world of social media.

 Not everyone is a scout and not everyone is cable of being a scout.  So choose your scouts wisely.  One thing is for sure you’ll need more than one scout.  Your scouts need to be ahead of the curve.  They need to see what’s coming and direct you down the right path.  Scouts will be critical to ensuring your continued success in social media.  

Here is a chart we use at Social Motive our social media division.   On the left hand side are the titles.  The center column would identifies who the primary scout is for this subject.  The far right is a short description of what the scout is responsible for.

The continual learning that is needed in each one of these areas is critical.  

One person can’t possibly be the scout in all these areas.  Make sure  your Automotive Ad Agency and your Internet staff are on board.

For example I have high lighted in red where  the internet staff in most stores thrive as a scout.

There’s so much depth in each of these areas.  Each scout must become the repository of the best practices taking place in social media.  This is the kind of expertise you need to have in front of you leading the way.  The stakes are too high.

Don’t get ambushed!  Get your team in order.

Where would you put your internet staff?


Does Your Automotive Ad Agency Have You Into Twitter?

March 31, 2010

There are two simple questions you need to ask yourself regarding Twitter.

Can I really grow a twitter network and are they really my target audience?


Without a big YES to both of these you’ll be wasting a lot of time and energy.


Dealers usually fall into one of three categories. 

 1)    They don’t understand Twitter and how to use it and thus don’t believe  their customers are using Twitter.

2)    They’ve stuck a toe into the Twitter world and found it difficult to get followers.  After a few months and only 200 or so follower they just lose confidence and quit.

3)    They’ve done their research and know the market is right and they can grow a social network on Twitter.

 If you find yourself falling into one of the first two points here’s a couple pieces of relevant information you should be aware of.

Men and women are using Twitter and the highest indexing age brackets are right in our sweet zone.  

If you think you can’t grow a Twitter network take a look at this success story below.

32,515 Followers! WOW!

As far as automotive retailers go East Coast Auto has highest number of followers I have found to date.  My guess is they have successfully used Tweet Adder to grow there network.  I highly recommend this software to help grow your network.

If your not engaged get started immediately.  Your competition knows the market is there and they’re growing their networks.  Don’t get to far behind.  Get your automotive ad agency on the ball.

If you have more followers let me know.  I’m looking for the world record.


Are Automotive Ad Agencies On Board With Social Media?

February 17, 2010

Simple truth is no.  So  here are some stats on Social Media that you should be aware of.

Is Social Media here to stay?

Yes,  if you believe this information.

  • 230 million -posting each and every day to social media websites
  • +83% – the growth of time between 09 and 10 that people in US spent on social networking sites
  • +145% – the growth of US Facebook users from 2009 to 2010
  • +3712% – growth of US Twitter users from 2009 to 2010
  • 25% –One in four US Internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2009, up 83% from 13.8% in December 2008

Here’s another stat that should put a fire underneath you.

What are your competitors doing?

In 3 Hours of announcing our Social Media Webinar we had 25 registrations.

Your competition is hungry for information. Most automotive ad agencies are not engaged in social media.  That’s why dealers are searching for the right program and approach on their own.

I have never seen this kind of response. I’ve been doing webinars for over 12 years and this really blows my mind. I knew dealers were wondering and watching but the sleeping bear is awaking.

Here is my final piece of advise. If you’ve been reading up-your-ups for long you know I provide valuable information and relevant information to the dealer world.   So here goes, don’t let your competition get ahead of you. Get on the move!

Wait… another 10 dealers just signed up!

If you would like any information on webinars on Automotive Social Media shoot me a message.


Banner Advertising – Can It Drive Dealership Traffic?

January 27, 2010

Statistics say 8 out of 10 car buyers now use the Internet during the car-buying process. 

Recommendations from online customer reviews and social media have replaced family and friends in importance.   eMarketer, June 2008

But can banner advertising reach these internet shoppers  and provide a solid ROI?    Can banner advertising effectively reach car buyers looking to buy with a call-to-action message?  The answer is YES!

First, your banner ads should only target people who have been identified as in the market.  This is done through behavior and re-targeting programs.  Otherwise I suggest you stay away from banner ads.

 Banner advertising can act like TV or Radio advertising.

Picture the banner advertising as basically the first 5 seconds of a TV or Radio ad.   We need to engage them and to get the hand raisers attention.  If you get thier attention two positive things happen.

1)  The in market shopper visits  the Dealer’s website.  By clicking the banner ad the internet user is linked to the Dealership’s website.  In this case, the banner ad has brought the Dealership a potential car buyer to their website that they would not have had otherwise.


2)  They give Dealerships a way to promote brand awareness and generate exposure on the internet.  The impact of delivering millions of advertising impressions to potential car buyers is very powerful.  Remember your banner ad is only be viewed by those that are in the market for a car.

Here is how the targeting of car shoppers works!

A main feature in banner advertising is the ability to target internet users with specific online behaviors. This allows a Dealership to place banner ads in front of internet users targeted as auto shoppers.

This is done by collecting data on the websites internet users’ visits.  When they visit automotive related websites, read automotive content or perform Google searches with automotive keywords, they’re targeted as automotive shoppers.  Now when they browse the internet, your Dealership’s banner ad is placed in front of them and only them.

Here’s some information you should know!

Banner advertising account for 21% of all online advertising and but fallen over the last couple years [Search Engine Advertising at over 50% is the number one source for online advertising].   

In addition, Click-Thru-Rates [CTR] have also fallen for banner ads over the last two years. Studies from comScore showed a 50% drop in CTR from 2007 to 2009. 32% of internet users clicked on banner ads in 2007 to only 16% in 2009.

However, this is only part of the story.  Case studies conducted by comScore from over 200 ad campaigns showed quantifiable impact and awareness from online ad exposures from impressions:

  • Incremental online sales of 27% and offline sales of 17% following online exposure.
  • Increased visitations to the advertiser’s website following online exposure – 65% lift the following week and 45% increase over four weeks.
  • Search queries also increased with online exposure – 52% increase in searches the week following the first ad exposure.

Online advertising can offer a compelling value proposition to reach internet users and is something you need to look into.  But remember only if you target should you consider banner advertising.

Let me know your opinion of banner advertising?


How To Sell Your Cross Promotion Idea To Drive Dealership Traffic

January 13, 2010

If you want to get a cross promotion going with a local business start with a  personal email.

The more homework you do the better your chances of success.

Remember you’re not the first business to approach them with a cross promotion idea.

The person you’re prospecting is human.  So let’s make our communication personal.

If you build a relationship you’ll find  your success ratio will improve.

Before you go for the deal build that relationship.

Follow them on Twitter

Comment on their Blog if they have one

Find Articles that relate to their business

Don’t talk about yourself  during this first step,  show an interest in what they’re doing.  This activity needs to start weeks even months before you plan to throw out your idea.

Some ideas might be a quick sale but other will need this step. Start this step anyway because  you never know when you might have an idea that will require a relationship to get done.  Begin by identifying some prospects at various venues or companies and start a dialog.

Make your proposal simple and easy to understand.

People you’re attempting to reach are usually busy and have  little help with their daily duties. 

They don’t have time to figure out your proposal. 

The easier you can make it for them to understand and see the value in your proposal the more successful you’ll be at putting together cross promotions..  

Presentation That Stand Out

Provide your blog site and Web site for reference

Provide a special landing page for the concept with a distinct URL

If you can connect with them on the Web you don’t have to work for that first meeting

Put pictures or video on the site to sell your idea

Send a special mail piece enticing your prospect to go to the landing page built for them with your idea

Don’t Push Just Be Different

Don’t push your idea so hard that you harm your relationship.  Remember, your timing just may not be right.  I find  more success when an idea is unique, the presentation is well thought out and presented in a unique fashion.

Key Points

1)    Grab Their Attention Through Social Media, Build a Relationship

2)    Make a Unique and Meaningful Proposal… 

3)    Relate the Benefit To Your Prospect….What’s In It For Them?

4)    Ask for an Answer or Response… Or Set A Timeline

Make an annual plan of cross promotion ideas you would like to do during the year.  Begin to build those relationships and begin with an email.  Your  success will be greater than just relying entirely on a phone call and your charm.

Let me know what you think or any great cross promotions you’ve done.