One Day Dealership Visits

Integrate Everything Work Day!

In one day Ron will share with you  secrets of integrating your traditonal, digital and social media channels.

Businesses wishing to move to the next level  must begin to integrate everything.  Ron will help you develop your integrated marketing plan today.  If your not integrating your burning money!  

Great One Day Visits To Increase Dealership Traffic!


Social Media Day

Ron Wheeler will spend the day with your key social media team at your dealership and walk you through the execution of a real social media plan.

A Complete Understanding of Social Media for Dealerships Today

Your Start Up Strategy Will Include:

  1. Blog Title
  2. Key Words
  3. Target Audience
  4. Content Blog Categories
  5. Set Up and Implementation
  6. Creation of Followers
  7. And Much More

Brand Your Dealership For More Traffic

Ron Wheeler will spend a day kicking off your branding efforts. He will conduct your focus groups and drive the discovery stage. At the end of the day you will have :

  1. Your Unique Selling Points established
  2. Your Point of View Created and Agree Upon
  3. Your Unique Audio Elements To Sell Your Point of View
  4. Graphic Standards for Your Brand and Dealership
  5. Merchandising Elements Needed
  6. Walk The Talk, Meet and Greeting Criteria
  7. Basic Media Plan
  8. Strategy For Creative Execution

When The Day Is Done You’ll Have Your Branding Strategy Off and Running.

This One Day Will Save You Thousands of Hours of Learning on the Fly!


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