How Relevant Is Your Dealership Today?

September 1, 2011

Have you stopped and really asked: How relevant am I?  Not how relevant  you’re as an individual, but how relevant is your business to the shopping public.

This is a key statement!  You need to begin looking at customers and prospects  as the shopping public.

Prospects are no longer prospects.  Customers are no longer customers.  They have become educated, informed, shoppers.  

Always learning!

Always sharing!

Always shopping!

If you want to be relevant ask yourself:  Am I making it easier for people to shop?

  • Are my messages relevant to the searches being made for information?  
  • Are my methods of communication relevant to the media channels that people desire to access information? 

Communication Channels

We have  dealers who will only use the telephone to communicate with our agency.  I know other dealers who still like the fax machine.  And there are those who prefer to handle things through email.  My point is we have to communicate with our dealers in the manner they prefer. 

Your marketing message must be relevant to the market place.  You need to be integrating Social Media, digital and traditional media into your monthly plans.  You can no longer treat each media channel as an isolated silo.  The shopping public isn’t behaving this way, why should you?  


The shopping public wants to get the information they desire from the media channel they  prefer.

They also expect your message to be more relevant to their search or inquiry.

A great example of how dealers are not making their message relevant is the use of Google Ad Words.

Do a search.  Type in any product you like and what you’ll find is two major mistakes.

  1. The copy in the Google Ad does not specifically match the search.  It’s also so generic that it doesn’t relate to the time of year, the event in play or the product searched.
  2. 90% of the time when  you click on this ad you’ll end up on the home page of the dealer’s web site!  These dealers are asking the consumer to work even harder to find the information they thought they  put into a search bar.
The solution is Relevant Content.  Try creating landing pages that match your key search terms.  Give the shopping public the information they want.  Update the copy in your ads. Try just adding Fall Specials into your copy, it will make your ad more relevant to the shopping public.  Make everyone else’s ad look stale and old.
If you start thinking Integration you’ll quickly see how easy it is to become relevant to the shopping public.  It doesn’t take more effort, just the willingness to look at the market from a different view point.
The shopping public’s eyes!  Take a look and you might realize you’re not very relevant.
Give me call if you have any thoughts on Integration!  We’re always thinking here.

Marketing Guru’s… I Bet You’re Not Here Yet!

November 12, 2010

Integrated marketing is here!  And it’s more powerful than you can imagine.

Talk about a competitive advantage!

If  you want to know what it looks and feels like watch this video from Social.Motive.

Traditional Advertising + Digital Advertising + Social Media

Hold ON!

If you’d like  more thoughts on how to make integrated marketing work just drop me a note.  It will be interesting to see how many Automotive Ad Agencies can connect with this new world.


How To Get Your Automotive Advertising In Touch With The Digital Customer

August 31, 2010

The world of automotive advertising is changing quickly.  

No longer can you afford to ignore the development of a  comprehensive strategy for today’s digital customer.  

This video blog will provide some  insight into today’s customer and how you can connect with them.

If your automotive ad agency is not prepared or ready to attack this new world give us a call.  This is what we do.


Two Absolute Rules Of Social Media For Your Automotive Ad Agency

June 1, 2010

Two pieces of social media advise are combined in Ron’s two basic rules of social media.

RULE #1:   Don’t shove retail selling into the social conversation.

Don’t fall in line.  If there’s one trap waiting for you in social media it’s following what the pack is doing.  This is one time you don’t want to follow.   Shoving retail advertising into the social conversation is a no win strategy.  However it is the easiest thing to do.  And like most things in the world the pack migrates to the easy way.

RULE #2:  It’s ok to inject social tools into retail advertising.

On the flip side it is  a great idea to put social media into your retail advertising plans, strategies and creative.   For example:

  • Create a newsletter using the content from your blog.  Use a software like constant content.  Take  4 blogs and put them into the one of many formats available to you from constant contact.  Then take you email data base and mail it out to them twice a month.  This amount of frequency is just fine with the type of content you’re sending.
  • On a radio spot ask them to comment on your latest blog and you’ll send them a $100 gift card for their next service appointment.  You’ll get a new friend and lots of new opportunities for service business.   These ads can be done very effectively with 10 second spots.

Be creative but remember to follow  “Ron’s 2 Rules.”  If you or your automotive ad agency can these two simple rules you’ll find that social media is fun and effective.

What do you think of my two rules?  Let me know!


YouTube Has The Numbers Your Automotive Ad Agency Can’t Ignore!

May 19, 2010

If you’re wondering the impact YouTube has had on America take a look at these numbers.  

Remember, YouTube is just a tool and not a magic pill.  Posting a video, to just post a video will not help you obtain your marketing goals.   However,  put the right plan in place with the right videos…… WOW!  What an audience!

Make sure your Automotive Ad Agency  has a plan  to capitalize on the growth and power of YouTube.  

Let me know how you’re using YouTube.


Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Promotions

March 11, 2010

Great Job SoCal Ford!  Another great social promotion from Ford!

Social promotions are all over the internet.  Here is one of my favorite in a series on SoCal Ford.  This  promotion is part of a on going social promotion designed to engage the public  with a series of promotions.  Everyone who enters is eligible to win a new Ford Fiesta.   The winners of each contest win a $100 gift card.

Below is a sample of the post that are being done on facebook.  Throughout this promotion they have done a great job of creating the urgency to get your entry in and win.  Be sure you or your automotive ad agency builds the urgency.

Here is just one example of a logo entered by one of SoCals fans.

Ken Grady Ford was not really eligible but I really liked how they got in the game and got some eyeballs on their dealership.

Smart!  Very Smart!

Be creative when it come to events and contests.  Let me know what you think of this event.  Share your best with me and I’ll include it in one of my blogs.


Drive Dealership Traffic With A Street Sign?

March 10, 2010

Another Fun Promotion from SoCal Ford!

Street Signs Have Never Had So Much Attention!


Here you can see a great post to put all the photo’s together to drive traffic to the site and comment on the photo’s.

Reach out to your social community.

This is a great example relationship selling!

This was my favorite!  Take a look and let me know which one was yours!