Are You Running Ad Words For Dummies!

September 6, 2011

If  you’re one of thousands of dealers who think they’re on top of Google, Bing and Yahoo Adwords,  you may want to revaluate!

Give yourself the ad word dummy test:

1) Is your ad word copy over 90 days old?

2) Do the majority of your ad words have the same copy?

3) When you click on your ad does it take you to your home page?

4) Are landing pages something other guys are doing?

If you answered  yes to three of these questions you’re a card carrying member of the ad words for dummies club.

Don’t feel bad,  it’s a very big club.  Many top dealers can be found in this club.

Ad Words For Dummies was created years ago when the entire  concept of ad words was born.  It was a quick and easy way to get dealers into the ad word game.  I like to say it played to the lowest denominator.  The dealer who wanted in but didn’t understand it.  

The problem today for these dealers is they haven’t realized, relevance now trumps participation.  Your ads must be time and product sensitive.  You must give the consumer the feeling  their search will be rewarded with relevant information.

Static ad copy that directs the shopper to a home page is not relevant.  

  • A used truck ad shouldn’t go to your new vehicle inventory!
  • A new car search shouldn’t go to the home page!
  • A make and model search shouldn’t locate a different make and model!

It’s time to wake up.  The most successful dealers are running customized, accountable and effective ad word campaigns.  The old school approach of  just getting into the game  isn’t personal or relevant enough.

It’s time that you integrate customized copy, customized landing page, and customized offers to your ad word campaigns.  

Let’s face it!  The people conducting searches are pretty good prospects.  You need to recognize the importance of being relevant.  Do your own trial and error searches.   I dare you!

Dealers have fallen behind.  Think relevancy and integration!

If you’d like to discuss how to turn your ad words campaigns into effective money makers drop me a note.

Your automotive ad agency really should be all over this!

Integration Closes More Sales According To Dr. John

July 5, 2011

It’s undeniable  Integration will make  your marketing more effective and provide plus leads.

However, Integration can also help you increase appointments and sales!

One industry expert recently showed us how Integration of call data can do just that.  

Dr. Mlinarcik of PCS Global has developed and incredible service and you should take a close look at.

Anytime I can find a low cost way to create more appointments and improve a dealers closing ratio  I’m all ears.

Dr. John’s and PCS Globals Integration strategy centers around the phone call.  Most dealers are recording their call traffic for marketing purposes but very few effectively use the call recordings for additional appointments.

PCS Global has several solution you should look at integrating into your call system.

  • Tele Pulse gives you a snap shot of each call by providing  a written overview of each call.  This saves you valuable time.  You won’t have to allocate the resources to listen to each call and it gets done everyday.  The executive review is easy to read and provides the important elements of each call.
  • Save A Deal does just what it promises… it saves deals.  These are deals that clearly have an issue and need someone stepping in to make sure the customer gets what they need.
  • PCS Globals Training and Coaching process is very effective.  They review your calls and  rate the  handlers on a variety of important subjects.  
This is an effective Integration  process that should take place every day.   I encourage you to take a look at this service.  This is a great example of how Integration can give you a better ROI.  Remember, it’s not always about more traffic.  Integration can be about  taking advantage of the traffic you already have.  Make sure you have your  automotive ad agency checks this out.
If you’d like to know more on how Integration can help you just give me a shout out.  

Integration Drives Dealership Traffic

June 17, 2011

What does Integration mean to  you?  

More Traffic

More Traffic, Less Spend

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects

More Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share

MORe Traffic, Less Spend, More Prospects, Greater Market Share, and a

HUGE Competitive Advantage!

The results are in.  Integration of traditional, digital and social media is the perfect storm. Yes, the market will always be fluid but when you harness the power of integration you really have something.

Integration requires you to look at things differently.  You must stop evaluating traditional, digital and social media as independent silo’s.  They can no longer be single tools.  They must interact!  They must be connected.  

The power of integration is simple. You stay connected with your prospect and customer through the buying cycle.  Your marketing is more viral, more interactive, more responsive and more effective.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes integration.

Integrated marketing communications – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a …..
You Get The Picture!
Here’s your starter rules to get started.
  1. Stop treating each media channel as a stand alone tool.  
  2. Ask your self how can I integrate this.
  3. Live by the motto… I Integrate Everything!
Believe me there’s a way to integrate everything.  All  you have to do is ask the question!
Ask your automotive ad agency or search google for more help.  But what ever you do start integrating today!


Marketing Guru’s… I Bet You’re Not Here Yet!

November 12, 2010

Integrated marketing is here!  And it’s more powerful than you can imagine.

Talk about a competitive advantage!

If  you want to know what it looks and feels like watch this video from Social.Motive.

Traditional Advertising + Digital Advertising + Social Media

Hold ON!

If you’d like  more thoughts on how to make integrated marketing work just drop me a note.  It will be interesting to see how many Automotive Ad Agencies can connect with this new world.


How To Get Your Automotive Advertising In Touch With The Digital Customer

August 31, 2010

The world of automotive advertising is changing quickly.  

No longer can you afford to ignore the development of a  comprehensive strategy for today’s digital customer.  

This video blog will provide some  insight into today’s customer and how you can connect with them.

If your automotive ad agency is not prepared or ready to attack this new world give us a call.  This is what we do.


What You Should Know About Selling Cars Online Today.

August 23, 2010


It’s always great to get a independent thought about the automotive industry.  Chris Brogan has done this just for  you.  He has just completed buying a car on line.  His experience is valuable intel for anyone in the automotive marketing business.

Here’s his to do list for  you: My thoughts are in (italic).

  • Make your sites more mobile-friendly. Flash doesn’t cut it in the smartphone era.
  • (You need to think like the end user.  Where are they obtaining information and how do I make it easy for them?)
  • Add listening tools to your marketing efforts.
  • (Listening posts are critical. Step one is to make sure you are on top of comments and posts. Think in minutes not hours!)
  • Have a social presence, so you can respond and invite in potential buyers.
  • (You really need a comprehensive plan here. Watch out for internal pit falls.)   
  • Work with the manufacturers’ social media people, like Christopher Barger at GM and Scott Monty at Ford (and your manufacturers of choice).
  • (This is great advice.  If nothing else start reading them daily.)
  • Look for alternatives to the current business models, as sales won’t rush up on gimmicks and discounts alone.
  • (Retail offers don’t sit well in the social world. Fixed op offers are great. Be creative don’t rely on your old retail habits.)
  • Consider the after-sale. I just bought a Camaro SS. Do you doubt that I’m prime for aftermarket and/or related offers? Heck, I couldn’t even find my tripometer reset until this afternoon. I’d be a perfect candidate to build a deeper relationship with, and you’d have a sales funnel extension.
  • (This is where a monthly newsletter come in play.  It’s easy and you have the content if your blogging. Build the relationship!)
  • Equip your buyers with social extenders. People don’t buy cars fast enough for you to build a single relationship. Seek the referral, and the share. Not one local dealership had a Facebook Like button next to each make/model.
  • (This is relationship selling on a scalable platform. Insert social marketing into as many traditional or digital marketing efforts as possible.)

  • Territorial Disputes: The #1 Killer of Social Media Programs

    June 23, 2010

    Don’t choke the messenger.  I’m only reporting on experience!

     If your Automotive Ad Agency or  your Internet department is  staking claim to social media be careful.

    The #1 killer of social media programs is territorialism.  In most cases this starts with people involved in the Internet department.

    Now, I’m sure there are capable people in your Internet department but social media directors they are not.  Just because they work on the Internet doesn’t automatically qualify them for this critical role.

    • Imagine you’re the coach of a football team.  You’re down to one quarterback and he comes up hurt.  You need a replacement.  You need someone to take you to the championship game. 
    • Do you go out and find the best available quarterback to run your offense or do you look to the center.  That’s right the center.  
    •  The center raises his hand and makes his case.  I’ve been handling the ball on every play all season.  I’m the guy that starts every play in pressure situations.  I’m a team player and I’ve been on the team for years.  I think I can do this!

    This is like handing your social media future to your Internet department.

    There’s no track record to even suggest they can be successful.  It won’t be followed with dealership traffic.

    Your Internet department is paid to sell cars today.  How long has it taken you to get the right people in the right place?  Why move them? 

    Don’t be fooled by territorialism.  Keep the right people in the right jobs.

    Don’t move your prize receptionist to a service advisor. Don’t put your best floor guy in the Internet department. 

    So, think twice before you give your social media program over to your Internet department. 

    It may look like an easy solution but from my experience you’ll only lose time, money, opportunity and sales!