Automotive Ad Agency: How To Make A Social Media Promotion Work

March 29, 2010


 If you’re wondering how to make a Social Media program work follow Dick Hannah.

 This automotive group has it clicking.  Here are the 5 key elements they have working for them.

1)   The promotion connects with the community. 

Asking kids to increase their grade point or maintain a GPA of over 3.6 is a terrific idea.  It shows the dealerships desire to promote and celebrate good accomplishments.

2)  The promotion has a unique value proposition.

I don’t think you’ll find many offers like this in your market and certainly not in theirs.  This promotion takes planning and execution.  This is exactly what disqualifies most dealerships.

3) The  proposition is targeted.

Because it is targeted toward students the opportunity for word of mouth marketing is tremendous.  Do you think the students; teachers and parents are spreading the word.  Absolutely!

4) The promotion adds to their social networks.

 This promotion requires them to connect with the dealership on facebook.

5) The promotion is promoted through multiple channels.

Don’t put boundaries on your promotion.  Make sure you or your automotive ad agency finds as many ways as possible to get it to your targeted audience.

If you can successfully accomplish these five steps with your social media promotion you’re going to be very happy with your results.

 If you have another point you think I may have left out let me know.

We’re all learning and growing.


Drive Dealership Traffic With Social Promotions

March 11, 2010

Great Job SoCal Ford!  Another great social promotion from Ford!

Social promotions are all over the internet.  Here is one of my favorite in a series on SoCal Ford.  This  promotion is part of a on going social promotion designed to engage the public  with a series of promotions.  Everyone who enters is eligible to win a new Ford Fiesta.   The winners of each contest win a $100 gift card.

Below is a sample of the post that are being done on facebook.  Throughout this promotion they have done a great job of creating the urgency to get your entry in and win.  Be sure you or your automotive ad agency builds the urgency.

Here is just one example of a logo entered by one of SoCals fans.

Ken Grady Ford was not really eligible but I really liked how they got in the game and got some eyeballs on their dealership.

Smart!  Very Smart!

Be creative when it come to events and contests.  Let me know what you think of this event.  Share your best with me and I’ll include it in one of my blogs.


Drive Dealership Traffic With A Street Sign?

March 10, 2010

Another Fun Promotion from SoCal Ford!

Street Signs Have Never Had So Much Attention!


Here you can see a great post to put all the photo’s together to drive traffic to the site and comment on the photo’s.

Reach out to your social community.

This is a great example relationship selling!

This was my favorite!  Take a look and let me know which one was yours!


Dealership Traffic Created From Your Own Traffic?

March 9, 2010

Yes it’s true!  

Create more dealership traffic simply by engaging your own ups.

Here’s how SoCal Ford is using social media to do just that!

It’s just one of the many events they have created.

The number of comments is the key element to additional traffic.

 This motivates the entrants  to encourage family and friends to post comments to their picture.  One of the major goals of every social event should be to add to the size of your social networks.

Give this type of promotions a try.  It will add some energy to the showroom.

I don’t know a dealership that can’t use a little fun in the showroom from time to time.

Let me know how it goes if you try this promotion.  In fact send me the winning photo.


Drive Dealership Traffic With Your Slogan!

March 8, 2010

SoCal Ford took advantage of Fords and drove some traffic through social media.

Here are a series of posts you can use as a blue print.   Be sure to pass this post on to your social media director or your automotive ad agency.


Just click here to go to SoCal Ford’s facebook page.

Here is the post of the winners.  Three winners were awarded a $100 gift card.  The creativity was really neat to see!

At the end of the promotion they made sure everyone had a chance to see the photo’s.  I don’t know how viral this became but you sure can imagine these photo’s being passed on to family and friends!!!!
Let me know which one is your favorite!


Text Messaging Campaigns Drive Dealership Traffic

February 15, 2010

Use text messaging to  promote your next event. 

Promoting your event through text messaging allows you to update your prospects on activities and schedules in real time. 

You need to use your creative juices but remember the end goal is attendance.

Biz Report posted a nice article on successful text messaging campaigns you may want to review.

 Here is an attack plan for your next text messaging campaign to support your event.

1. Landing Page

 Create a landing page that is independent of you website. This strategy leaves a bigger impression on the end user.  On the landing page put information on the event. 

Include video where you can.   Video can really add to your message.  Remember  to always put a special value proposition good only for those that hit your landing page.   Traffic count  on the site will give you some idea as to the response you can expect.

2. Text Message Schedule

Schedule your messages.  This is the best way to stay disciplined in order execute your plan.  Plan your message and your frequency.  First, plan a pre-launch message.   Next, depending on the size and length of your event put a schedule together that has frequency but don’t bury your prospects. 

3. Message

Make your messages count!  Your prospects won’t mind a text message as long they’re informative.  Be careful not to send a message just to send a message.  This will help you build an event worth attending.  Get with your automotive ad agency and make sure the creative is  “worthy”.

4.  Lead Follow Up

Just call them back. One of the great bye products of a text campaign is you capture phone numbers. With this information you can respond with specials or just call them on the phone.

5. Use Text Message To Track Effectiveness

Track you advertising success.  Most dealers have tried the call sourcing strategy.  This allows you to see how many calls come from individual ads.  You can do the same with text messaging.

By utilizing multiple text campaigns (keywords), you can measure the effectiveness of each ad.

Text message marketing is a powerful, inexpensive tool that can make your event more successful.

 From a pancake breakfast to a big new car introduction text messaging can be an effective marketing tool.

I’m sure many of you have tried text messaging.  Would love to hear your success stories.